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Barber Shop Equipment

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  • £1,400.00

    Introducing the VINTAGE BARBER CHAIR: A Nostalgic Blend of Tradition and Comfort. Replicate a traditional shop atmosphere in a contemporary setting with the new dark and sleek Vintage Barber Chair. This second-generation classic model contains all the standard and traditional features every professional needs in barbering furniture. Feel inspired to create your finest hairstyles, fades & trims with this timeless barber chair.

  • £1,750.00

    Elevate Your Salon’s Hair Care Game with the Wall Mounted Quantum Hair Processor. Manufactured in the United States, the Wall Mounted Quantum Color Processor by Collins utilizes far-infrared technology to amplify your chemical processing experience. This high-quality wall mount hair processor improves how color and treatments are absorbed into the hair. Note: Approximately 3-7 days to ship after standard processing

  • £550.00

    Introducing the WAVELENGTH ALL PURPOSE CHAIR: Where Versatility Meets Ultimate Comfort for Exceptional Grooming. The Wavelength Reclining Salon Chair brings fortunate vibes to your salon or barbershop! Go the distance and shape your business with a versatile all-purpose chair. Ideal for all beauticians; grooming, waxing, shaving, micro-blading, lash extensions, make-up sessions & more!

  • £1,000.00

    Make a Striking First Impression with the White Glam Reception Desk. Welcome your customers with James Barber Shop’s ultra-desired Glam Reception Desk. This glamorous reception desk gleams with a bright white ambiance that’s both inviting and alluring. Its supportive functionality helps you verify check-ins, settle one’s bill and manage your busy schedule all in one place. Let the glam reception desk be your salon statement piece when greeting clients!

  • £320.00

    Elevate Your Salon Experience with the Paris Salon Chair. Introducing the X-Wide Salon Chair by Keller International! The robust size of this chair is a natural fit for a high volume beauty shop and is extremely comfortable. This chair will be a perfect addition to any salon and is sure to deliver years of performance.

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Barber Chairs
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Make sure your clients are comfortable throughout their appointments with our range of barber chairs.
UV Light Sterilizer
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UV Light Sterilizer! Keep your clients safe and healthy by using the power of UV light to sterilize your equipment. We offer the best tools for your shop
Backwash Unit
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Backwash Unit Chair, the perfect addition to any barber shop! Made with high-quality materials, this chair provides both comfort and durability, Visit our shop to get this product
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Our range of high-performance clippers are designed with professional barbers and stylists in mind, delivering precision, power, and durability with every cut.

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Barber Shop Equipment