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  • £300.00

    Elevate Salon Efficiency and Comfort with the Athena Dryer Chair. The Athena Dryer Chair by James Barber Shop is a chic and durable unit to assist you with any salon service. This hair dryer chair will bring a gold aesthetic to your shop while fashionably helping you process your color and chemical services. A great piece of modern salon furniture to add to your barbershop or hair salon!

  • £290.00

    Elevate Salon Luxury and Efficiency with the Glam Dryer Chair. The Glam Dryer Chair; modern, efficient, and ready to help you process all your chemical treatments!  Ideal for professional stylists performing color processing, perms, conditioning treatments & more. Upgrade your hair salon today with Keller’s durable salon equipment.

  • £300.00

    Discover the Height of Glamour and Functionality with the Gold Dryer Chair. For a modern, standout salon or barbershop, the Manhattan Gold Dryer Chair will add the pop of luxury you need. Complete it with our hooded hair dryer to perform all of your processing,  conditioning treatments, and more.

  • Experience Luxury and Efficiency with the Illusion Dryer Chair. The Illusion Dryer Chair is sure to go beyond your professional salon service needs. Pair this dryer chair with the matching collection, Illusion Salon Chair and Shampoo Unit. Modernize your beauty salon or shop today!

  • £400.00

    Experience Effortless Drying Excellence with the Kwik Dri Hooded Hair Dryer. From Pibbs Industries, the Kwik Dri Hooded Hair Dryer on Caster Wheel Pedestal Base is a reliable and portable solution to your hair drying needs!

  • £330.00

    Unleash Ultimate Styling Freedom with the Liberty Box Hair Dryer. The professional Liberty Hooded Box Dryer is James Barber Shop’s premier salon dryer! This Salon Box Dryer features a heavy-duty structure that will provide many years of reliable service to your salon.

  • £350.00

    Elevate Salon Efficiency and Client Comfort with the Movement Dryer Chair. Introducing the Movement Dryer Chair by James Barber Shop, a strong, and durable dryer unit! Bring your salon services up to heights pairing with Movement Salon Chair.

  • £300.00

    Experience Comfort and Efficiency with the Poly Dryer Chair. The new Poly Dryer Chair adds a modern twist to your beauty salon and is ready to assist with all of your salon chemical treatments. This modern hair dryer chair is ideal for color processing, perms, conditioning treatments & more. Upgrade your shop today with Keller salon equipment!

  • £300.00

    Introducing the Luxurious Rose Gold Dryer Chair: Where Comfort Meets Elegance. Evoke the essence of New York City’s most iconic borough with the  Rose Gold Dryer Chair. Pair it with a hooded hair dryer for all of your color processing, perms, conditioning treatments & more.

  • £790.00

    Unleash Salon Perfection with the Temptura Ultra Hooded Hair Dryer. From Collins Manufacturing, the wall-mounted TempTura Ultra Hooded Hair Dryer is a durable dryer unit known for its well-engineered articulating arm, allowing for the perfect dryer adjustment! Please allow up to 2 weeks for production & 3-7 business days for shipping.