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  • Introducing the Athena Salon Chair: A Perfect Blend of Style and Comfort. Our newest salon chair will be the star of your hair salon with its stunning gold accents and supreme comfort. This unique styling chair features custom base and footrest options to fit your aesthetic and style. Create an elegant atmosphere in your shop that clients won’t forget with the Athena Salon Chair by James Barber Shop!

  • £320.00

    Unveiling the Chic Salon Chair: Where Comfort and Style Converge. Get the Chic to accent your boutique! This styling chair not only expresses a simple yet fresh design but is also a durable and reliable investment for your beauty parlor. Complete your salon today with the Chic Salon Chair by James Barber Shop.

  • Elevate Your Salon Experience with the Denver Salon Chair. Saddle up into a comfortable cushion with the Denver Salon Chair! Your customer will be Rocky Mountain High with satisfaction after being taken care of in this sleek treat. When you choose the Denver Salon Chair, you choose a traditional and reliable hair styling chair meant to last through the ages.

  • £360.00

    Elevate Your Salon Experience with the Glam Salon Chair. A true fashionista, the new Glam Salon Chair will help you complete all trending hair services and more!  Create a beautiful salon equipment layout with this glamorous piece by James Barber Shop.

  • Elevate Your Salon Experience with the Glitz Salon Chair. Bring glamour and appeal with the Glitz Salon Chair from James Barber Shop. This sleek piece of furniture can be paired easily with any of our modern salon equipment styles. Glam up your business with this beauty industry favorite today!

  • Introducing the Hazel Salon Chair: Where Comfort Meets Elegance. The Hazel Salon Chair is an ideal addition to your salon or beauty business. This simplistic styling chair brings a touch of nature to your shop with beautiful wood accents while providing extreme comfort for your clients during their service.

  • Experience Unparalleled Comfort and Style with the Illusion Salon Chair. Far from average, the Illusion salon chair goes beyond what the eye can see by providing support and comfort in many different ways! Simply an elegant design for any modern-day beauty salon.

  • £320.00

    Introducing the Juliet Salon Chair: Where Style and Comfort Coalesce. Add a sophisticated salon chair to your shop, the Juliet Styling Chair! Create a salon layout that brings creativity and motivation to every service. The Juliet Salon Chair provides comfort, quality, and charm.

  • Introducing the Luna Salon Chair: Where Style Meets Comfort. Round like the moon, the Luna Salon Chair displays an enchanting design that will turn heads. Perform that signature haircut of yours with the Luna Styling Chair today.

  • £300.00

    Introducing the Movement Salon Chair: Where Style Meets Comfort. Jump into a new era of style for your beauty salon: introducing the Movement Salon Chair, a simple design with innovation in mind! Break the boundaries of salon-style: get the Movement Salon Chair by James Barber Shop today!

  • Elevate Your Salon Experience with the Paris Salon Chair. Fall in love with the Paris Salon Chair, the perfect addition to light up your dream salon. This styling chair will create an atmosphere of bold elegance, inviting your clients to a breathtaking experience. Upgrade your business with this long-lasting modern salon equipment!

  • £430.00

    Introducing the Queen Salon Chair: A Throne of Elegance and Comfort. The Queen Salon Chair rules in sophistication and style. Take your hair salon to the highest level with this trusted beauty. Manufactured to the highest degree of complexity, your clients will honor this salon chair’s attributes!

  • Elevate Your Salon Aesthetic with the Rose Gold Salon Chair. With bright lights and city sights, the Rose Gold Salon Chair will turn heads as your beauty salon centerpiece. Create an environment of elegance with this next-level styling chair.

  • Unveiling the Elegance and Comfort of the Savannah Salon Chair. The Savannah Salon Chair is an ideal addition to your salon or beauty business. Pair it with classic or modern salon equipment for an edgy, yet elegant, aesthetic with supreme comfort.

  • Discover Comfort and Style with the Vera Salon Chair. Classic silhouette with a modern twist, our Vera Salon Chair is versatile enough for any style shop. This Salon Chair is easy to wipe down, comfortable for your clients and durable for every day use.

  • £390.00

    Elevate Your Salon Experience with the Victoria Salon Chair. Victorian meets the modern era! The new Victoria Styling Chair brings a classic touch to your beauty salon. Bring the look of elegance to your hair salon with the Victoria Salon Chair by James Barber Shop.