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hairdressing salon chairs for sale

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  • Elevate Your Salon Experience with the Glitz Salon Chair. Bring glamour and appeal with the Glitz Salon Chair from James Barber Shop. This sleek piece of furniture can be paired easily with any of our modern salon equipment styles. Glam up your business with this beauty industry favorite today!

  • £430.00

    Introducing the Queen Salon Chair: A Throne of Elegance and Comfort. The Queen Salon Chair rules in sophistication and style. Take your hair salon to the highest level with this trusted beauty. Manufactured to the highest degree of complexity, your clients will honor this salon chair’s attributes!

  • £390.00

    Elevate Your Salon Experience with the Victoria Salon Chair. Victorian meets the modern era! The new Victoria Styling Chair brings a classic touch to your beauty salon. Bring the look of elegance to your hair salon with the Victoria Salon Chair by James Barber Shop.