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shampoo bowl and chair for sale

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  • £400.00

    Introducing the ARISTO ALL PURPOSE CHAIR: Where Style Meets Functionality for Exceptional Grooming. Let your next client rest comfortably in this Aristo Reclining All-Purpose Salon Chair, while you work your trimming magic! A beauty industry favorite, versatile for tattoo shops, barbershops, beauty salons, waxing, piercings, threading or brow services!

  • £3,300.00

    Introducing the BLACKED-OUT COBALT OMEGA BARBER CHAIR: Where Sleek Design Meets Unparalleled Comfort. Collins Manufacturing has taken its popular Cobalt Barber Chair to a whole nother level! By popular demand, James Barber Shop is now offering a BLACKED-OUT version of Collins bestselling barber chair.

  • £1,000.00

    Introducing the BARREL BARBER CHAIR: Where Classic Design Meets Modern Comfort. The extra-wide Barrel Barber Chair is one of our most popular styles for years of heavy-duty use. Bring back those traditional 1940s barbershop values today!

  • Unveiling the Ultimate Salon Upgrade: Denver Shampoo Bowl and Chair. Spruce up your shampoo area today with this sleek modern addition, the Denver Shampoo Bowl and Chair! This unit is built to last and will easily accommodate a variety of clients for a truly comfortable shampoo!

  • £2,100.00

    Introducing the EVANDER ELECTRIC BARBER CHAIR: Elevate Grooming to Unprecedented Levels of Luxury. The Evander Electric Barber Chair by James Barber Shop is ideal for any business that needs superior comfort for both the user and the client. Comes with touch-button remotes on both sides of the chair that raise, lower, and recline the chair smoothly and automatically, perfect for barbershops, dental offices, and more.

  • £400.00

    Discover Ultimate Luxury: GLAM II ALL PURPOSE CHAIR – Elevate Your Grooming Experience. Our best-selling Glam II Salon Chair is now available as an all-purpose chair! The Glam II All Purpose Chair is an excellent versatile reclining chair providing comfort and flexibility for a variety of services. Add a touch of sparkle to your shop layout with this new reclining salon chair by James Barber Shop.

  • £900.00

    Elevate Your Salon Experience with the ATHENA SHAMPOO BOWL AND CHAIR. The clean lines and gentle curves of our Athena Shampoo Bowl and Chair evoke mid-century modern design to outfit the trendiest salon. This chair stands out with a unique T-style gold accent armrest and matching gold faucet.  Complete your total shop look with our Athena Salon Chair and Athena Dryer Chair.

  • £900.00

    Elevate Salon Luxury with the GLAM SHAMPOO BOWL AND CHAIR. The Glam Shampoo Bowl and Chair makes washing treatments more efficient for hairstylists and barbers. The European backwash design allows you to stand comfortably at your point of preference (we recommend a back wash set up). This beauty matches with any of our tufted button salon equipment designs. Complete the look with Glam Styling Chair and Glam Dryer Chair.

  • £250.00

    Elevate Your Salon Experience with the kate shampoo Chair with Leg Rest. Meet a chair with the dual characteristics of being fantastically designed and highly economical! The Duality Shampoo Chair, by Keller, was created to make shampooing comfortable for the stylist and client.

  • £800.00

    Introducing the Kelsey Shampoo Chair: Elevate Your Salon Experience. Collins Manufacturing brings us another classic shampoo chair, the Kelsey! Altogether, Collins Kelsey Shampoo Chair is a comfortable, adjustable, durable, and classy addition to any hair salon or parlor.

  • £900.00

    Elevate Your Salon with the Poly Shampoo Bowl and Chair. The Poly Shampoo Bowl and Chair by Keller International is a new wash station that offers comfort and style for your modern barbershop or salon. Create a complete salon layout with the matching Poly Salon Chair & Poly Dryer Chair!


  • £1,000.00

    Introducing the MASTER BARBER CHAIR: Where Craftsmanship Meets Comfort in Grooming Excellence. Show off your immeasurable barbering skills and create ultimate proficiency within your shop with the Master Barber Chair! Dominant your craft with this highly demanded best seller exclusively sold at James Barber Shop for 20+ years!

  • Elevate Salon Comfort and Efficiency with the Savannah Shampoo Bowl and Chair. The Savannah Shampoo Bowl and Chair is an ideal option to give your business the modern look you desire. This shampoo equipment offers supreme comfort, making wash treatments relaxing for clients and perfect for both salons and barber shops. Match it perfectly with the Savannah Salon Chair to complete the look.

  • £500.00

    Introducing the XANDER ALL PURPOSE CHAIR: Elevate Your Grooming Space with Style and Comfort. Known for its divine characteristics, the Xander All Purpose Chair is ideal for all hair salons, barbershops, and tattoo parlors! Ward off bad hair days with one of our most popular furniture pieces, exclusively with James Barber Shop!

  • £1,300.00

    Introducing the XAVIER BARBER CHAIR: Elevate Your Grooming Space with Unmatched Comfort. The Xavier Barber Chair is both durable and stylish, manufactured with usability and durability in mind. Whether you own a barbershop or salon, this chair will fit a variety of environments and be the perfect upgrade for your business.

  • Introducing the DYNASTY BARBER CHAIR: Where Comfort Meets Timeless Elegance. The ultimate barbershop ruler is here to help you establish the business of your dreams! Our Dynasty Barber Chair is one of classic descent, a traditional design made with the utmost durable materials.