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Elevate Your Salon Experience with the kate shampoo Chair with Leg Rest. Meet a chair with the dual characteristics of being fantastically designed and highly economical! The Duality Shampoo Chair, by Keller, was created to make shampooing comfortable for the stylist and client.


Elevate Your Salon Experience with the kate shampoo Chair with Leg Rest. Meet a chair with the dual characteristics of being fantastically designed and highly economical! The Duality Shampoo Chair, by Keller, was created to make shampooing comfortable for the stylist and client.

Details You Will Appreciate 

Unparalleled Comfort and Convenience

Discover a new level of comfort and convenience with the kate Shampoo Chair with Leg Rest. Designed with both clients and stylists in mind, this innovative chair offers a seamless and indulgent shampoo experience. The integrated leg rest ensures that your clients can fully relax during their hair wash, while you can effortlessly maintain an optimal working posture.

Versatile Leg Rest Design

The kate shampoo chair unique leg rest design adds versatility to your salon setup. It can be adjusted to accommodate clients of various heights, providing a customized experience for each individual. Whether your client prefers to stretch out or keep their legs slightly bent, the leg rest adapts to their preference for maximum relaxation.

Thoughtful Features for Efficiency

Enhance the efficiency of your salon operations with the kate shampoo chair thoughtful features. The chair’s ergonomic design reduces strain on your back and shoulders, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional service. The leg rest can be easily folded away when not in use, optimizing space in your salon and streamlining the shampooing process.

Premium Quality and Durability

Crafted from high-quality materials, the kate shampoo chair is built to withstand the demands of a busy salon environment. Its sturdy construction ensures long-lasting durability, while the comfortable cushioning adds a touch of luxury to your clients’ experience. Invest in a shampoo chair that not only elevates your services but also showcases your commitment to quality.

Additional Details:

  • Adjustable footrest
  • Manual tilt

Product Specification 

  • Name: Duality Shampoo Chair with Leg Rest
  • Seat inside dimension: 19.25″ wide x 17.75″ deep
  • Outside dimension of seat: 23.50″ wide
  • An upright position: 35″ high x 24″ Deep. Recline height of 29″
  • Foot cushion: 19.25″ x 16″
  • Integrated Adjustable Leg Rest for Client Comfort
  • Ergonomic Design for Stylist Convenience
  • Foldable Leg Rest for Space Optimization
  • Sturdy and Durable Construction
  • Premium Cushioning for Enhanced Comfort
  • Elevate Your Salon’s Shampooing Experience with Duality Shampoo Chair

Upgrade your salon with the kate shampoo chair with Leg Rest and provide your clients with an unparalleled shampooing experience. Its innovative design, customizable features, and premium construction make it a valuable addition to any salon environment. Elevate the comfort of your clients and the efficiency of your stylists with the Duality Shampoo Chair.


kate shampoo chair

Kate Shampoo ChairKate shampoo chair, also known as a shampoo station or shampoo unit, is a specialized chair designed for washing and rinsing clients’ hair in a salon or barbershop. These chairs are an essential part of the hair care experience, providing comfort and convenience for both clients and hairstylists. Here’s more information about shampoo chairs:

**Features and Functions of a Shampoo Chair:**

1. **Reclining Design:** Shampoo chairs are typically designed to recline, allowing clients to lay back comfortably while their hair is washed and rinsed.

2. **Shampoo Bowl:** The chair is equipped with a built-in shampoo bowl or basin, where the client’s head is positioned for washing. The bowl is designed to accommodate the client’s neck comfortably.

3. **Water Supply:** Shampoo chairs are connected to a water supply and drainage system, allowing water to be conveniently directed to the shampoo bowl and drained away after use.

4. **Adjustable Height:** Some shampoo chairs have an adjustable height feature, allowing hairstylists to set the chair at a comfortable working height.

5. **Neck Rest:** Many shampoo chairs have a cushioned neck rest to provide support and prevent discomfort during the hair-washing process.

6. **Materials:** Shampoo chairs are often made from materials that can withstand water exposure, such as durable upholstery, plastic, and stainless steel.

7. **Footrest:** Some chairs have a footrest for added comfort, allowing the client’s feet to be elevated during the shampooing process.

8. **Comfort:** The design of shampoo chairs aims to provide a comfortable and relaxing experience for clients while their hair is washed and rinsed.

**Benefits of Using a Shampoo Chair:**

1. **Client Comfort:** Shampoo chairs provide clients with a comfortable and ergonomic seating position, allowing them to fully relax while receiving a hair wash.

2. **Effective Cleaning:** The reclined position of the chair and the design of the shampoo bowl allow hairstylists to thoroughly clean and rinse clients’ hair without water splashing onto their faces.

3. **Reduced Strain:** Shampoo chairs reduce strain on both clients and hairstylists. Clients don’t have to lean over a traditional sink, and hairstylists can work at a comfortable height.

4. **Enhanced Client Experience:** The use of a shampoo chair contributes to an enhanced salon experience, making clients feel pampered and cared for.

5. **Efficiency:** Shampoo chairs streamline the hair-washing process, allowing hairstylists to efficiently provide services without needing to maneuver around a traditional sink.

6. **Water Control:** kate Shampoo chair have controlled water flow, ensuring that water is directed precisely where it’s needed and preventing excessive wetness.

7. **Professional Appearance:** kate Shampoo chair add a professional touch to a salon’s hair care services and contribute to a well-equipped and modern salon environment.

8. **Ergonomic Work Environment:** For hairstylists, shampoo chairs create a more ergonomic work environment by allowing them to perform hair-washing tasks without bending over a sink.

Shampoo chairs are an integral part of the hair care process in salons and barbershops. They enhance the overall client experience, provide comfort, and help hairstylists deliver efficient and thorough hair-washing services. When selecting a shampoo chair, consider factors like durability, comfort features, and the overall design that aligns with your salon’s aesthetic.

lexus shampoo chair

Using a kate shampoo chair in a salon or barbershop involves a few simple steps to ensure a comfortable and effective hair-washing experience for your clients. Here’s a general guide on how to use a shampoo chair:


1. **Greet the Client:** Welcome the client and guide them to the shampoo chair. Make them feel comfortable and let them know what to expect during the hair-washing process.

2. **Adjust the Chair:** Check if the shampoo chair has adjustable features such as height or recline. Adjust the chair’s settings to match the client’s comfort level.

3. **Prepare the Shampoo Area:** Ensure that the shampoo bowl is clean and properly positioned for the client’s head. Make sure the water supply and drainage system are connected and functioning.

**Washing Process:**

1. **Drape the Client:** Place a protective cape or towel around the client’s shoulders to prevent water and shampoo from getting on their clothing.

2. **Position the Client:** Ask the client to sit comfortably in the shampoo chair. Adjust the chair’s recline feature, allowing the client to recline at a comfortable angle.

3. **Neck Support:** Gently guide the client’s neck onto the cushioned neck rest provided by the shampoo chair. Make sure the client’s head is comfortably positioned in the shampoo bowl.

4. **Protect the Client’s Face:** Place a towel or foam cushion under the client’s neck to protect their face from any potential water splashes.

5. **Apply Shampoo:** Wet the client’s hair and apply an appropriate amount of shampoo. Begin massaging the scalp and lathering the hair using gentle circular motions.

6. **Rinse Hair:** Use the handheld showerhead or the built-in spray system to thoroughly rinse the client’s hair, ensuring that all shampoo is washed away.

7. **Massage and Relaxation:** While rinsing, you can offer a gentle scalp massage to further enhance the client’s relaxation.

8. **Final Rinse:** Make sure all shampoo is completely rinsed out. You can adjust the chair’s recline angle to help direct water away from the client’s face.


1. **Lift the Chair:** Gently raise the chair back to an upright position after the hair is fully rinsed. Ensure the client’s head is well-supported during this process.

2. **Drape Removal:** Remove the protective cape or towel from the client’s shoulders.

3. **Assistance:** If necessary, offer a hand to help the client stand up from the chair, especially if they feel a bit disoriented after reclining.

4. **Escort to Styling Area:** Guide the client to the styling station where their hair will be cut, styled, or further treated.

Using a Kate shampoo chair creating a comfortable and pleasant experience for your client. Effective communication, adjusting the chair’s settings, and proper technique during the washing process will help ensure that both the client and hairstylist have a positive experience. Always be attentive to the client’s comfort and address any concerns they might have during the hair-washing procedure.

mobile shampoo chair

The placement of a shampoo chair in a salon or barbershop is important to ensure both comfort for the client and efficiency for the hairstylist. The location should provide easy access to water sources, electrical outlets, and styling stations while maintaining a relaxing atmosphere for the client. Here are some considerations for where to place a shampoo chair:

1. **Near Styling Stations:** Position the Kate shampoo chair near the styling stations where clients will have their hair cut, colored, or styled after the shampoo. This makes it convenient for clients to transition from the shampooing area to the styling area.

2. **Water Supply:** Ensure that the shampoo chair is placed near a water source to provide easy access to water for washing and rinsing the client’s hair. Proper plumbing connections are essential.

3. **Drainage:** The Kate shampoo chair should be positioned over a floor drain to effectively drain the water from the shampooing process. This prevents water from pooling around the chair.

4. **Electrical Outlets:** If your Kate shampoo chair includes features such as a massaging function or a heated water supply, make sure there are nearby electrical outlets to power these functions.

5. **Client Comfort:** Choose a location that provides a relaxing and serene atmosphere for the client. Avoid placing the shampoo chair in areas with excessive noise or foot traffic.

6. **Privacy:** Aim for a somewhat private area to ensure the client feels comfortable during the shampooing process. Privacy can enhance the overall experience.

7. **Natural Light:** If possible, position the Kate shampoo chair near a window or a well-lit area. Natural light can create a pleasant and soothing environment for the client.

8. **Accessibility:** The Kate shampoo chair should be easily accessible for both clients and hairstylists. Avoid placing it in a corner or cramped space that may make movement difficult.

9. **Ventilation:** Consider ventilation in the chosen location. Proper ventilation prevents the buildup of moisture and odors from the shampooing process.

10. **Aesthetics:** The area around the shampoo chair should align with the overall ambiance and decor of your salon. It should contribute to a cohesive and visually appealing salon environment.

11. **Workflow:** Position the shampoo chair in a way that doesn’t disrupt the overall flow of client movement and hairstylist workflow within the salon.

12. **Safety:** Ensure that the placement of the shampoo chair does not obstruct walkways or emergency exits. Safety considerations are paramount.

13. **Maintenance:** Consider the ease of cleaning and maintaining the area around the shampoo chair, as water and hair care products may occasionally spill.

14. **Accessibility for Clients with Disabilities:** If your salon caters to clients with disabilities, ensure that the shampoo chair’s location is easily accessible and accommodates their needs.

Remember that the ideal location for the shampoo chair may vary based on the layout of your salon, the available plumbing and electrical connections, and the specific needs of your clientele. Careful consideration of these factors will help create a comfortable and efficient shampooing area within your salon.



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