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Good Loop Shampoo Backwash Unit for sale


Enhance Your Salon’s Efficiency and Style with the Loop Shampoo Backwash Unit. Stay at the head of the hair salon design trend with Pibb’s Loop Reclining Shampoo Backwash Unit. This chair is a surefire multi-talented addition to any beauty, barber, or hairstyling parlor!


Enhance Your Salon’s Efficiency and Style with the Loop Shampoo Backwash Unit. Stay at the head of the hair salon design trend with Pibb’s Loop Reclining Shampoo Backwash Unit. This chair is a surefire multi-talented addition to any beauty, barber, or hairstyling parlor!

Details You Will Appreciate

Sleek Ergonomic Design

Discover the perfect balance of comfort and functionality with the Loop Shampoo Backwash Unit. Its innovative design is not only visually appealing but also ergonomically crafted to provide an unparalleled shampooing experience. Your clients will appreciate the gentle contour that cradles the neck and ensures a relaxing and enjoyable time at the basin.

Integrated Recline Mechanism

Say goodbye to discomfort during hair washing. The Loop Backwash Unit features an integrated recline mechanism that allows clients to recline at a comfortable angle. This thoughtful feature minimizes strain and maximizes relaxation, making every shampoo session a moment of blissful indulgence.

Effortless Maintenance

Streamline your salon’s operations with the Loop Shampoo Backwash Unit’s easy-to-maintain construction. The stain-resistant material and smooth surfaces make cleaning a breeze, ensuring a hygienic and pristine environment for your clients. Spend less time on maintenance and more time delivering exceptional services.

Modern Aesthetics

Upgrade your salon’s aesthetics with the Loop Backwash Unit’s modern and sleek design. Its contemporary look effortlessly complements any salon decor, adding a touch of sophistication to your space. Create an inviting atmosphere that speaks volumes about your commitment to quality and style.

Additional Details:

  • Dense seat cushion for client comfort
  • Reclining leg rest
  • Single-handed fixture
  • Gel neck rest
  • Large tilted porcelain shampoo bowl available in white & black
  • Heavy-duty metal base

Product Specification 

  • Innovative Design: Loop Shampoo Backwash Unit
  • 26”W x 37”H x 56”L
  • 40″L Without Reclined Leg Rest
  • Additional color options for the chair top upholstery are available, please inquire with a representative today!
  • Ergonomically Crafted for Client Comfort
  • Integrated Recline Mechanism for Relaxation
  • Stain-Resistant and Easy to Clean
  • Modern Aesthetics for Stylish Salons
  • Durable Construction for Longevity
  • Elevate Your Salon’s Efficiency and Client Experience

Upgrade your salon’s shampooing experience with the Loop Shampoo Backwash Unit. Embrace its ergonomic design, integrated recline mechanism, and easy maintenance features. Elevate your salon’s aesthetics and functionality while providing your clients with the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. Make a statement about your commitment to excellence with the Loop Shampoo Backwash Unit and set a new standard for quality in your salon.


reclining massage back wash unit

A backwash unit, also known as a backwash station or shampoo unit, is a specialized piece of salon furniture used for washing and rinsing clients’ hair. It typically consists of a reclining chair with an integrated shampoo bowl and water supply system. Backwash units are designed to provide a comfortable and efficient hair-washing experience for clients while allowing hairstylists to work with ease. Here are some key features and benefits of using a backwash unit:

**Features of a Backwash Unit:**

1. **Reclining Chair:** The Loop Shampoo Backwash Unit includes a chair that can recline, allowing clients to lean back comfortably during the hair-washing process.

2. **Shampoo Bowl:** The chair is equipped with a built-in shampoo bowl that holds water for washing and rinsing the client’s hair.

3. **Adjustable Height:** Many Loop Shampoo Backwash Unit have an adjustable height feature, which allows hairstylists to set the chair at a comfortable working level.

4. **Neck Support:** A cushioned neck rest or support is provided to ensure the client’s neck is properly supported during shampooing.

5. **Water Supply and Drainage:** Backwash units are connected to a water supply and drainage system, facilitating water delivery and removal.

6. **Spray Hose or Nozzle:** A handheld spray hose or nozzle is used to direct water onto the client’s hair for washing and rinsing.

7. **Reclining Mechanism:** The recline feature can be adjusted to various angles, accommodating different client preferences and hairstylist needs.

8. **Durable Materials:** Backwash units are typically constructed from durable materials that can withstand water exposure and regular use.

9. **Comfort Padding:** The chair’s upholstery is often padded to provide additional comfort for clients during the hair-washing process.

**Benefits of Using a Backwash Unit:**

1. **Client Comfort:** Loop Shampoo Backwash Unit provide a comfortable and relaxing space for clients to recline during hair washing, enhancing their overall salon experience.

2. **Efficient Workflow:** The reclining position of the chair allows hairstylists to easily access the client’s hair for washing, rinsing, and applying treatments.

3. **Proper Neck Support:** The cushioned neck rest ensures that the client’s neck is well-supported, reducing discomfort and strain.

4. **Water Control:** Hairstylists have control over the direction and flow of water, ensuring efficient rinsing without water splashing.

5. **Hygiene:** Loop Shampoo Backwash Unit are designed for easy cleaning and sanitation, maintaining a hygienic environment for clients and staff.

6. **Professional Appearance:** The use of a Loop Shampoo Backwash Unit adds a professional touch to the salon, demonstrating a commitment to client comfort and satisfaction.

7. **Versatility:** Loop Shampoo Backwash Unit can be used for various hair treatments beyond just washing, such as applying conditioning treatments or color.

8. **Reduced Strain:** Loop Shampoo Backwash Unit are ergonomically designed to minimize strain on both clients and hairstylists compared to traditional sinks.

9. **Customizable Experience:** Some Loop Shampoo Backwash Unit have adjustable features, allowing clients to find their preferred recline angle.

10. **Privacy:** The design of the Loop Shampoo Backwash Unit unit offers a degree of privacy for clients during the hair-washing process.

Using a Loop Shampoo Backwash Unit contributes to a positive and comfortable salon experience for both clients and hairstylists. When selecting a backwash unit for your salon, consider factors like chair design, recline features, comfort, and materials. Proper maintenance and cleanliness of the backwash unit are essential to ensure a pleasant and hygienic hair care environment.

salon back wash unit for sale

Using a backwash unit in a salon involves a series of steps to ensure a comfortable and effective hair-washing experience for the client. Here’s a general guide on how to use a backwash unit:

**1. Preparing the Backwash Unit:**

1. **Check Water Supply:** Ensure that the water supply to the backwash unit is connected and working properly.

2. **Check Drainage:** Verify that the drainage system of the backwash unit is functioning correctly to prevent water accumulation.

**2. Greeting and Seating the Client:**

1. **Greet the Client:** Welcome the client and provide them with any necessary information about the hair-washing process.

2. **Assist to Seat:** Escort the client to the backwash unit and assist them in sitting comfortably on the reclining chair.

**3. Adjusting the Chair:**

1. **Recline the Chair:** Gently recline the chair to a comfortable angle, allowing the client to lean back while maintaining neck and head support.

2. **Positioning the Neck Rest:** Adjust the cushioned neck rest to ensure the client’s neck is properly supported during the hair-washing process.

**4. Draping the Client:**

1. **Place a Cape or Towel:** Cover the client with a protective cape or towel to prevent water, shampoo, and hair clippings from getting on their clothing.

**5. Wetting the Hair:**

1. **Spray Hose:** Use the handheld spray hose or nozzle attached to the backwash unit to wet the client’s hair thoroughly.

**6. Applying Shampoo:**

1. **Apply Shampoo:** Apply an appropriate amount of shampoo to the client’s hair. Begin massaging the scalp and lathering the hair gently.

**7. Rinsing the Hair:**

1. **Rinse Thoroughly:** Use the spray hose to rinse the client’s hair, making sure all shampoo is washed away. Direct the water flow away from the client’s face.

**8. Massaging and Relaxation:**

1. **Scalp Massage:** While rinsing, you can offer a gentle scalp massage to enhance the client’s relaxation.

**9. Final Rinse:**

1. **Ensure Complete Rinsing:** Make sure all shampoo is fully rinsed out. Adjust the recline angle of the chair if needed to ensure thorough rinsing.

**10. Lifting the Chair:**

1. **Raise the Chair:** Gradually raise the chair back to an upright position once the hair is completely rinsed. Ensure the client’s head is supported throughout this process.

**11. Removing Drapes:**

1. **Take Off the Cape:** Carefully remove the protective cape or towel from the client’s shoulders.

**12. Assisting the Client:**

1. **Help Stand Up:** If necessary, extend a hand to help the client stand up from the chair, especially if they might feel a bit disoriented from reclining.

**13. Moving to Styling Area:**

1. **Guide the Client:** Lead the client to the styling area where their hair will be cut, styled, or treated further.

Using a Loop Shampoo Backwash Unit effectively involves creating a comfortable and relaxing experience for the client while maintaining professionalism and hygiene. Communication and attention to the client’s comfort throughout the process are key to ensuring a positive hair-washing experience.


Loop Shampoo Backwash UnitThe placement of a Loop Shampoo Backwash Unit in a salon is crucial for creating a functional and comfortable space for both clients and hairstylists. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when deciding where to place a backwash unit:

1. **Accessibility:** Choose a location that is easily accessible to both clients and hairstylists. Clients should be able to reach the backwash unit without obstacles or long walks.

2. **Proximity to Styling Stations:** Place the Loop Shampoo Backwash Unit relatively close to the styling stations where haircuts, treatments, and styling will take place. This proximity ensures a seamless transition between washing and styling.

3. **Water Supply and Drainage:** Ensure that the chosen location has proper water supply and drainage connections. It’s essential for the backwash unit to have access to clean water for washing and efficient drainage to remove used water.

4. **Privacy:** While backwash units offer comfort and relaxation, clients may prefer some level of privacy during the hair-washing process. Consider placing the backwash unit in a semi-private area or using partitions to create a sense of seclusion.

5. **Comfort and Flow:** The placement should allow for a comfortable flow of clients and hairstylists in the salon. Avoid placing the backwash unit in congested areas that could disrupt the salon’s traffic.

6. **Lighting:** Ensure there is adequate lighting near the backwash unit. Good lighting is essential for hairstylists to perform tasks effectively and for clients to feel comfortable.

7. **Electrical Outlets:** If the backwash unit has any electrical components, such as adjustable features or massage functions, make sure there are accessible electrical outlets nearby.

8. **Aesthetics:** Consider the overall aesthetics of your salon. The backwash unit should blend well with the salon’s design and decor.

9. **Ventilation:** Adequate ventilation is important to prevent humidity buildup and ensure a comfortable environment around the backwash unit.

10. **Comfortable Seating:** Make sure there is enough space around the backwash unit for clients to sit and stand comfortably while waiting for their turn.

11. **Safety:** Ensure that the area around the Loop Shampoo Backwash Unit is safe and free from hazards. Avoid placing it near any sharp objects or areas where spills could occur.

12. **Noise Level:** Choose a location that minimizes noise disruptions. Placing the backwash unit away from noisy areas like hairdryers can help clients relax during the hair-washing process.

13. **Layout and Space:** Consider the layout of your salon and the available space. Measure the dimensions of the backwash unit to ensure it fits comfortably in the chosen location.

14. **Client Experience:** The placement of the backwash unit should contribute to a positive and comfortable experience for clients. Consider their perspective when choosing the location.

Remember that the ideal placement may vary based on the layout and design of your salon. It’s a good idea to consult with your hairstylists and possibly even your clients to gather input on the most suitable placement for the backwash unit.

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