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Buy Wall-Mounted Shampoo Bowl 2023


Elevate Your Salon Experience with the Oval Wall-Mounted Shampoo Bowl. UK Custom Made! The Oval Shampoo Bowl by Collins Manufacturing was designed with an extra-wide and deep bowl, providing a better work area for barbers and hairstylists everywhere.

Summary of Wall-Mounted Shampoo Bowl

Elevate Your Salon Experience with the Oval Wall-Mounted Shampoo Bowl. UK Custom Made! The Oval Shampoo Bowl by Collins Manufacturing was designed with an extra-wide and deep bowl, providing a better work area for barbers and hairstylists everywhere.

Details You Will Appreciate 

Sleek and Space-Saving Design

Discover the perfect fusion of style and functionality with our Oval Wall-Mounted Shampoo Bowl. This innovative fixture is a space-saving marvel, allowing you to optimize your salon’s layout while adding a touch of elegance. Embrace the seamless design that enhances both the aesthetics and efficiency of your salon’s washing station.

Unparalleled Client Comfort

Prioritize your clients’ comfort with the ergonomically designed Oval Shampoo Bowl. Its oval shape cradles the neck, providing optimal support and relaxation during the hair washing process. Clients can unwind and enjoy a soothing experience as they indulge in a luxurious hair treatment.

Effortless Maintenance

Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional shampoo bowls. The Oval Wall-Mounted Shampoo Bowl is designed for easy maintenance and cleaning. Its smooth surface and thoughtfully crafted shape minimize water splashes and make cleaning a breeze, allowing you to focus on delivering top-notch services to your clients.

Sturdy and Stylish

Crafted with durability in mind, the Oval Shampoo Bowl combines practicality with style. Its high-quality construction ensures longevity, while the wall-mounted design adds a modern touch to your salon’s decor. Enhance the overall ambiance of your space and create an inviting atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression.

Additional Details:

  • Made of strong injection-molded plastic to ensure solid coloring throughout the bowl and eliminates stains and fading
  • Comes complete with a mounting bracket, single handle fixture, strainer assembly with a strainer cup and tailpiece, a spray hose, and a shower header

Product Specification 

  • Innovative Design: Oval Wall-Mounted Shampoo Bowl
  • Outside bowl dimensions: 23”W x 21”D x 10”H
  • Inside bowl dimensions: 20.5”W x 14”D x 9.5”H
  • Front neck rest: 7” diameter x 3.5”D
  • Features a Vacuum Breaker assembly
  • Space-Saving Solution for Modern Salons
  • Ergonomically Designed for Client Comfort
  • Oval Shape for Optimal Neck Support
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Durable Construction for Longevity
  • Effortlessly Enhance Your Salon’s Aesthetics and Functionality

Transform your salon’s washing experience with the Oval Wall-Mounted Shampoo Bowl. Embrace its sleek design, prioritize client comfort, and simplify your maintenance routine. Upgrade your salon with a fixture that combines practicality and elegance, creating a space that truly stands out. Elevate every aspect of your salon’s washing station with the Oval Wall-Mounted Shampoo Bowl and take your client experience to new heights.


wall mounted tilting shampoo bowl

Wall-Mounted Shampoo BowlA wall-mounted shampoo bowl is a specialized fixture used in salons and barbershops for washing and rinsing clients’ hair. It is mounted directly to the wall, offering convenience and flexibility in terms of placement and space utilization. Here are some key considerations and benefits of using a wall-mounted shampoo bowl:

**Benefits of a Wall-Mounted Shampoo Bowl:**

1. **Space Efficiency:** Wall-mounted shampoo bowls save floor space compared to traditional freestanding units. This is especially useful in smaller salons where space is limited.

2. **Customizable Height:** Wall-mounted bowls can be installed at a height that is comfortable for both clients and hairstylists, ensuring ergonomic use.

3. **Sleek Design:** Wall-mounted shampoo bowls often have a modern and sleek design that can enhance the overall aesthetics of the salon.

4. **Easy Cleaning:** Since there are no supporting cabinets or stands, cleaning around and under the bowl is easier, promoting a hygienic environment.

5. **Flexibility:** Wall-mounted bowls can be placed in various locations around the salon based on your layout and needs.

6. **Accessibility:** These bowls can be installed at an accessible height, making them suitable for clients of different heights and abilities.

7. **Professional Appearance:** Wall-mounted bowls lend a professional appearance to the salon, showcasing your commitment to providing quality services.

8. **Less Obstruction:** Without a freestanding unit, hairstylists have more space to move around, allowing for smoother workflows.

9. **Neck Comfort:** Wall-mounted bowls often come with cushioned neck rests to ensure client comfort during the shampooing process.

**Considerations for Installing a Wall-Mounted Shampoo Bowl:**

1. **Wall Strength:** Ensure that the wall where you plan to mount the bowl is structurally sound and can support the weight of the bowl and water.

2. **Water Supply and Drainage:** The chosen wall location should have access to proper water supply and drainage connections.

3. **Height:** Install the bowl at a height that is comfortable for both clients and hairstylists. Consider the average height of your clients.

4. **Proximity to Styling Stations:** Ideally, place the wall-mounted bowl near the styling stations for a seamless transition between washing and styling.

5. **Lighting:** Make sure the area around the bowl is well-lit for hairstylists to work effectively.

6. **Plumbing:** Ensure that the plumbing connections are properly installed to prevent leaks and water-related issues.

7. **Client Comfort:** The bowl’s height and position should provide clients with a comfortable and relaxing experience.

8. **Accessibility:** If your salon caters to clients with disabilities, consider their needs when determining the bowl’s height and positioning.

9. **Layout:** The placement of the bowl should not obstruct pathways or create congestion in the salon.

Installing a wall-mounted shampoo bowl involves proper measurement, installation of plumbing connections, and ensuring proper support for the bowl’s weight. It’s advisable to consult with a professional or a salon equipment supplier to ensure the proper installation and functioning of the wall-mounted shampoo bowl.

wall mount shampoo bowl

Using a wall-mounted shampoo bowl in a salon involves a series of steps to provide clients with a comfortable and effective hair-washing experience. Here’s a general guide on how to use a wall-mounted shampoo bowl:

**1. Preparing the Wall-Mounted Shampoo Bowl:**

1. **Check Plumbing:** Ensure that the plumbing connections to the wall-mounted shampoo bowl are properly installed and functioning. Check for leaks or issues.

**2. Greeting and Seating the Client:**

1. **Greet the Client:** Welcome the client and provide any necessary information about the hair-washing process.

2. **Assist to Seat:** Escort the client to the area with the wall-mounted shampoo bowl and assist them in sitting comfortably.

**3. Adjusting the Chair:**

1. **Seat Position:** Adjust the client’s seating position to ensure they are comfortably seated and can lean back comfortably.

2. **Neck Support:** Position the cushioned neck rest to provide proper neck support for the client.

**4. Draping the Client:**

1. **Place a Cape or Towel:** Cover the client with a protective cape or towel to protect their clothing from water and hair clippings.

**5. Wetting the Hair:**

1. **Spray Hose:** Use the handheld spray hose or nozzle attached to the wall-mounted shampoo bowl to wet the client’s hair thoroughly.

**6. Applying Shampoo:**

1. **Apply Shampoo:** Apply an appropriate amount of shampoo to the client’s hair. Gently massage the scalp and lather the hair.

**7. Rinsing the Hair:**

1. **Rinse Thoroughly:** Use the spray hose to rinse the client’s hair, ensuring all shampoo is washed away. Keep the water flow away from the client’s face.

**8. Massaging and Relaxation:**

1. **Scalp Massage:** While rinsing, you can offer a gentle scalp massage to enhance the client’s relaxation.

**9. Final Rinse:**

1. **Ensure Complete Rinsing:** Make sure all shampoo is fully rinsed out. Adjust the water flow and direction as needed.

**10. Assistance and Exit:**

1. **Help Stand Up:** Assist the client in standing up from the chair, especially if they might feel a bit unsteady.

2. **Remove Drapes:** Carefully remove the protective cape or towel from the client’s shoulders.

**11. Moving to Styling Area:**

1. **Guide the Client:** Lead the client to the styling area where their hair will be cut, styled, or treated further.

Using a wall-mounted shampoo bowl effectively involves creating a comfortable and relaxing experience for the client while maintaining professionalism and hygiene. Proper communication and attention to the client’s comfort throughout the process are key to ensuring a positive hair-washing experience. Additionally, be familiar with the specific features of the wall-mounted shampoo bowl in your salon to ensure its proper use.

shampoo bowl wall mount bracket

The positioning of a wall-mounted shampoo bowl in your salon is crucial for creating a functional and comfortable space for both clients and hairstylists. Here are some considerations to help you decide where to position a wall-mounted shampoo bowl:

1. **Accessible Location:** Choose a location that is easily accessible to both clients and hairstylists. Clients should be able to reach the shampoo bowl without obstacles or long walks.

2. **Proximity to Styling Stations:** Place the shampoo bowl relatively close to the styling stations where haircuts, treatments, and styling will take place. This proximity ensures a seamless transition between washing and styling.

3. **Water Supply and Drainage:** Ensure that the chosen location has access to proper water supply and drainage connections. Proper plumbing is essential for the functioning of the shampoo bowl.

4. **Proximity to Electrical Outlets:** If your wall-mounted shampoo bowl has any electrical components, such as massage features, make sure there are accessible electrical outlets nearby.

5. **Lighting:** Ensure there is adequate lighting near the shampoo bowl. Good lighting is important for hairstylists to work effectively.

6. **Client Comfort:** The positioning of the shampoo bowl should allow clients to sit comfortably during the hair-washing process. Consider the height and seating arrangement.

7. **Layout and Flow:** Consider the layout of your salon and the flow of clients and hairstylists. The positioning should allow for easy movement around the shampoo bowl area.

8. **Privacy:** While shampooing is a relaxing process, some clients may prefer a level of privacy. Consider placing the shampoo bowl in a semi-private area if possible.

9. **Ventilation:** Adequate ventilation is important to prevent humidity buildup and ensure a comfortable environment around the shampoo bowl.

10. **Safety:** Ensure that the area around the shampoo bowl is safe and free from hazards. Avoid placing it near any sharp objects or areas where spills could occur.

11. **Aesthetics:** The placement of the shampoo bowl should blend well with the overall design and decor of your salon.

12. **Client Experience:** The positioning of the shampoo bowl should contribute to a positive and comfortable experience for clients. Consider their perspective when choosing the location.

13. **Accessibility:** If your salon caters to clients with disabilities, make sure the shampoo bowl is positioned at a height and location that is accessible to them.

14. **Noise Level:** Avoid placing the shampoo bowl near noisy areas, such as hairdryers, to provide a relaxing experience for clients.

Remember that the ideal positioning may vary based on the layout and design of your salon. It’s a good idea to consult with your hairstylists and even gather feedback from your clients to determine the most suitable position for the wall-mounted shampoo bowl.

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