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Elevate Your Salon Experience with the Sierra Reclaimed Station Stand. Introducing the new Sierra Reclaimed Station Stand by James Barber Shop! This styling station is made with real, solid wood, equipped with pull out drawers and large portable wheels. This unit is a multi-purpose rock star that can travel throughout your shop or salon.

Summary of sierra reclaimed station stand

Elevate Your Salon Experience with the Sierra Reclaimed Station Stand. Introducing the new Sierra Reclaimed Station Stand by James Barber Shop! This styling station is made with real, solid wood, equipped with pull out drawers and large portable wheels. This unit is a multi-purpose rock star that can travel throughout your shop or salon.

Details You Will Appreciate 

A Fusion of Form and Function

Introducing the Sierra Reclaimed Station Stand – a harmonious blend of style and practicality designed to enhance your salon’s aesthetic and efficiency. This station stand is a versatile addition that offers a dedicated space to organize your tools and products, ensuring a seamless and streamlined experience for both stylists and clients. Elevate your salon’s ambiance while optimizing your workflow with this exquisite piece.

Effortless Organization

The Sierra Reclaimed Station Stand boasts multiple compartments and shelves, providing ample room to organize styling essentials. From hairdryers and styling products to towels and accessories, everything finds its place in this thoughtfully designed stand. Keep your workspace clutter-free and ensure quick access to the tools you need, enhancing both the visual appeal and functionality of your salon.

Sustainable Beauty

Crafted from reclaimed materials, the Sierra Reclaimed Station Stand embodies a commitment to sustainability and eco-conscious practices. The weathered finish adds a touch of rustic charm, contributing to a unique salon ambiance that resonates with modern trends. By choosing this station stand, you’re not only elevating your salon’s style but also supporting environmentally friendly choices.

Enhance Client Experience with

Efficiency translates to an enhanced client experience. The Sierra Reclaimed Station Stand allows stylists to work seamlessly, ensuring that every client receives the attention and care they deserve. By keeping your tools organized and within arm’s reach, you can focus on creating stunning styles while leaving a lasting impression on your clients.

Additional Details:

  • Made with real wood in the distressed look
  • Matte black metal framing
  • Mesh wire doors with removable shelf
  • Two pull-out drawers for tool storage
  • Mounted on 4 wheels, 2 are lockable
  • Removable appliance holders


  • Name: Sierra Reclaimed Station Stand
  • Overall: 26″ W x 15.75″ D x 35.25″ H
  • Tabletop: 20.5″ W x 15.75″ D x 1″ thick
  • Pull out drawers: 15.5″ W x 11.5″ L x 4″ Useable Depth
  • Useable shelf space: 18.25″ W x 13″ D x 8″ H
  • Three appliance holders: 3″, 2″, and 1.5″ in diameter
  • Some assembly required
  • Multiple Compartments and Shelves for Storage
  • Industrial-Chic Design with Reclaimed Materials
  • Weathered Finish for Rustic Elegance
  • Elevate Salon Aesthetics and Efficiency

Upgrade your salon’s organization and style with the Sierra Reclaimed Station Stand. Its blend of form, function, and sustainability makes it an essential asset for any salon environment. Elevate your workspace, streamline your workflow, and create a memorable experience for both stylists and clients. Choose the Sierra Station Stand and showcase your commitment to both beauty and efficiency.


Sierra Reclaimed Station StandA salon station stand, often referred to as a styling station stand, is a dedicated piece of furniture in a salon or beauty establishment where hairstylists, barbers, or beauty professionals can work on clients’ hair and perform various grooming services. These stands typically include mirrors, storage compartments, and sometimes electrical outlets to accommodate the tools and products required for different treatments. Here’s more information about salon station stands:

**Features and Functions:**

1. **Mirror:** A salon station stand includes a large, well-lit mirror that allows clients to see themselves from different angles during and after the service. The mirror is essential for hairstylists to assess haircuts, styles, and colors accurately.

2. **Work Surface:** The stand provides a spacious work surface where hairstylists can place their tools, products, and equipment while working on clients.

3. **Storage:** Salon station stands are equipped with drawers, shelves, and compartments for storing hairstyling tools, hairdryers, hair products, and personal items.

4. **Electrical Outlets:** Many stands come with built-in electrical outlets to conveniently plug in hairstyling tools such as hairdryers, curling irons, and straighteners.

5. **Lighting:** Adequate lighting is crucial for hairstylists to achieve precision in their work. Some stands come with built-in lights or are positioned in well-lit areas.

6. **Seating:** Some salon station stands include attached seating for clients, while others have a separate chair positioned in front of the stand.

7. **Aesthetics:** Salon station stands come in various designs, styles, and finishes to match the salon’s overall decor and ambiance.

8. **Organization:** The storage components help hairstylists keep their workspace organized, with designated spots for tools, products, and accessories.

9. **Privacy:** Salon station stands provide a degree of privacy for clients during their services, enhancing their comfort and overall experience.

10. **Client Interaction:** The stand’s design allows hairstylists and clients to interact directly, discussing preferences, providing recommendations, and achieving the desired look.

11. **Brand Identity:** Salon station stands contribute to the overall branding and aesthetics of the salon. They create a consistent and professional appearance.

12. **Durability:** High-quality materials are used to ensure that salon station stands are durable and can withstand the demands of daily salon use.

Salon station stands are central to a salon’s design and functionality. They provide hairstylists with an organized and efficient workspace while enhancing the overall experience for clients. The arrangement of these stands can also contribute to the salon’s branding and ambiance. When selecting a salon station stand, consider the space available in your salon, the types of services you offer, and the preferences of both beauty professionals and clients.

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Having a salon station stand, also known as a styling station stand, in your beauty establishment offers several advantages that contribute to the efficiency, organization, and overall client experience within your salon or barber shop. Here are some benefits of having a salon station stand:

1. **Efficient Workspace:** A salon station stand provides hairstylists and beauty professionals with a dedicated and organized workspace where they can efficiently perform various hair and beauty services.

2. **Enhanced Organization:** Styling station stands typically come with built-in storage compartments, shelves, and drawers. These features allow professionals to keep their tools, products, and equipment neatly organized and easily accessible.

3. **Convenient Accessibility:** With all their essential tools and products within arm’s reach, beauty professionals can work more smoothly and save time during treatments.

4. **Streamlined Workflow:** Having a designated work surface with storage compartments minimizes the need for beauty professionals to move around the salon to fetch supplies. This streamlined workflow contributes to faster and more efficient services.

5. **Adequate Lighting:** Many styling station stands are equipped with well-lit mirrors and integrated lighting, ensuring optimal visibility for hairstylists while working on clients’ hair.

6. **Client Comfort:** Styling station stands often come with comfortable seating for clients, creating a relaxing and comfortable environment during services.

7. **Personal Interaction:** The design of a styling station stand encourages direct interaction between hairstylists and clients. This interaction allows for better communication, ensuring that clients’ preferences are understood and met.

8. **Brand Representation:** Styling station stands can be customized to reflect your salon’s branding and design aesthetics, creating a consistent and professional image.

9. **Aesthetics:** These stands contribute to the overall ambiance of your salon, adding to its visual appeal and creating a cohesive atmosphere.

10. **Space Optimization:** Salon station stands provide an all-in-one solution, saving space by combining mirrors, storage, and workspace in a single unit.

11. **Client Experience:** The combination of comfortable seating, well-lit mirrors, and efficient service delivery enhances the overall experience for clients.

12. **Hygiene and Cleanliness:** Having designated storage compartments allows beauty professionals to keep clean and used tools separate, contributing to a hygienic and organized workspace.

13. **Professionalism:** Styling station stands convey professionalism and dedication to quality service, making a positive impression on both clients and staff.

14. **Personalized Setup:** Many styling station stands can be customized to meet the specific needs of individual hairstylists, allowing them to arrange tools and supplies in a way that suits their working style.

15. **Increased Productivity:** By reducing the need to search for tools and products, styling station stands contribute to increased productivity and more appointments in a day.

Overall, investing in salon station stands can significantly improve the efficiency of your salon, elevate the client experience, and create a visually appealing and well-organized workspace for beauty professionals. When choosing a styling station stand, consider the layout of your salon, the preferences of your staff, and the design elements that align with your brand identity.

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