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Good Shampoo bowl Station & Styling Chair in Camel 1


Elevate your salon with our Camel Salon Equipment Package, featuring a stylish Shampoo bowl Station and matching Styling Chair. The Shampoo bowl Station comes equipped with a deep basin and comfortable neck rest, making hair washing and rinsing a breeze for both you and your clients.

Upgrade your shampoo bowl station setup with our Salon Equipment Package, featuring a Shampoo Station and Styling Chair in luxurious Camel color.

This package is the perfect combination of premium quality and functionality, designed to provide comfort and convenience to both your clients and stylists.

The Shampoo Station is constructed with a durable ceramic basin and comes complete with a sleek faucet, built-in drainage system, and ample storage space for all your grooming essentials.

The Styling Chair features a sleek design and is made with high-density foam and solid steel construction, providing maximum support and stability for your clients during their styling experience.

The Camel color gives it a modern and chic look that will complement any salon décor. Made with top-quality materials and craftsmanship, this Salon Equipment Package is easy to assemble and maintain, ensuring your salon setup remains at its best for years to come.

Upgrade your salon experience with this ultimate package and show your clients how much you value their comfort and satisfaction.
Large Tilting Porcelain Bowl with an ASME & UPC certified single lever faucet

Complete with Vacuum Breaker, vacuum breaker holder, drain assembly, headrest, and neck rest

Extra Lumbar Support For Added Comfort & Wide Seat to Accommodate More Clients

1 Year Warranty & 30 day satisfaction guarantee

Stanley Chair: Total length with footrest extended: 57″, Total length with footrest retracted: 45″, Footrest length: 12″, Shampoo stand height: 41″, Chair height: 30.5″, Outside Arm to arm: 26″, Seat depth 18″, Seat width: 20″

Stanley Bowl DIM: 23.5″ (W) x 22″ (L) x 9.5″ (D)

Milla Chair: Arm-to-Arm: 21.5″, Seat Width: 21.5″, Seat Depth: 18″, Adjustable Height: 16″ to 23″, DIM: 34″(L) x 25.5″(W) x 33.5″(H)

what is  shampoo bowl station?

shampoo bowl station

A shampoo bowl station, also known as a shampoo unit or shampoo station, is a dedicated area in a hair salon or barbershop where clients receive hair washing and scalp treatment services.

It is designed to provide a comfortable and efficient space for both clients and hairstylists during the shampooing process. Here’s an overview of what a typical shampoo bowl station includes:

1. **Shampoo Bowl:** The central component of the station is the shampoo bowl itself. It is a specialized sink designed to accommodate a person’s head comfortably for washing and rinsing hair.

Shampoo bowls station are usually made of ceramic or porcelain and are equipped with fixtures such as a faucet and a spray hose.

2. **Adjustable Chair:** Clients sit in an adjustable chair positioned in front of the shampoo bowl. These chairs are often padded for comfort and can be reclined to allow easy access to the shampoo bowl.

3. **Neck Rest:** A soft neck rest or cushion is placed at the edge of the shampoo bowl to provide support for the client’s neck while their hair is being washed.

4. **Water Faucet and Spray Hose:** The faucet provides a controlled flow of water for wetting and rinsing the hair. The spray hose allows the hairstylist to target specific areas and apply water with precision.

5. **Shampoo Dispenser:** Many shampoo bowl stations have a built-in shampoo dispenser. This dispenser holds and dispenses the appropriate amount of shampoo for each client.

6. **Shelving and Storage:** Shampoo bowl stations often include shelves or cabinets for storing hair care products, towels, and other accessories that are used during the shampooing process.

7. **Mirror and Lighting:** Some stations may have a mirror positioned in front of the client, allowing them to see themselves during the shampoo. Adequate lighting is also important to ensure that hairstylists can see clearly while working.

8. **Comfort and Relaxation:** The design of shampoo bowl stations aims to create a relaxing experience for clients. Many salons use elements like soothing colors, ambient lighting, and comfortable seating to enhance the overall experience.

9. **Accessibility:** Shampoo bowl stations are typically designed to be easily accessible and user-friendly for both clients and stylists. They are often placed in a way that allows hairstylists to move around and work efficiently.

Shampoo bowl stations are integral to the overall salon experience, and their design and layout can vary based on the salon’s aesthetics and preferences.

They play a crucial role in ensuring that clients receive proper hair care and treatment while enjoying a comfortable and enjoyable experience at the salon.


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