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Introducing the Diamond White Manicure Table: Where Style Meets Functionality. Add this sassy piece of nail equipment to your salon today to perform all your fabulous nail services. Our Diamond White Manicure Table is made for efficiency and clean organization.


Introducing the Diamond White Manicure Table: Where Style Meets Functionality. Add this sassy piece of nail equipment to your salon today to perform all your fabulous nail services. Our Diamond White Manicure Table is made for efficiency and clean organization.

Details You Will Appreciate 

Elevate Your Salon Experience with the Diamond White Manicure Table

Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with the Diamond White Manicure Table. This exquisite piece of salon furniture is designed to enhance the nail care experience for both professionals and clients alike. With its elegant aesthetics and thoughtful features, the Diamond White Manicure Table is a must-have addition to any modern salon that aims to provide exceptional nail services.

Sleek and Elegant Design

Make a lasting impression on your clients with the sophisticated design of the Diamond White Manicure Table. Its sleek white finish exudes a sense of luxury and professionalism, setting the perfect backdrop for your nail artistry. Create an ambiance that reflects your commitment to excellence and attention to detail.

Efficient Organization

Appreciate the convenience of organized nail care tools and products with the Diamond White Manicure Table. Designed with multiple compartments, drawers, and storage areas, this table ensures that everything you need is within easy reach. Streamline your workflow, eliminate clutter, and focus on delivering top-notch nail care services.

Ample Workspace

Unleash your creative potential with the ample workspace provided by the Diamond White Manicure Table. Whether you’re crafting intricate nail designs or performing meticulous manicures, this table offers the room you need to showcase your skills. Elevate your artistry and provide your clients with unforgettable nail transformations.

Client Comfort Priority

Prioritize the comfort of your clients with the ergonomic features of the Diamond White Manicure Table. The padded wrist rest offers a cozy spot for clients to relax during their pampering session. Elevate the nail care experience, ensuring that each visit to your salon is a moment of relaxation and indulgence.

Additional Details:

  • Front of pedestals covered in black upholstery with diamond stitch detailing
  • Lovely stone center counter top with hues of grey
  • Manufactured with engineered hardwood and sealed with a smooth baked white finish
  • Two open cubbyholes for easy UV nail drying accessibility
  • Ample storage: 3 medium pull-out drawers, 1 small pull-out drawer, 1 drawer with 8 laid access holes, and 1 small cubby hole under counter
  • Several cord drops to improve electrical hook-up
  • Optional durable caster wheels for hassle-free cleaning (Minor assembly required)
  • Please note, this unit is can be mounted on sturdy caster wheels (Included, non-lockable)
  • Electrical outlets need to be hardwired by a professional/qualified electrician
  • UV nail dryers not included

Product Specification 

  • Product Name: Diamond White Manicure Table
  • Elevate Nail Services with Stylish Design and Functionality
  • Sleek White Finish Adds Elegance to Your Salon Decor
  • Well-Designed Compartments and Drawers Keep Tools Organized
  • Generous Workspace for Showcasing Nail Artistry
  • Ergonomic Padded Wrist Rest Enhances Client Comfort
  • Overall: 41.25″ W x 17″ D x 31.25″ H
  • Lower Knee Hole: 21″ W x 17″ D x 24.5″ H
  • (3) Drawers Without Appliance Inserts: 6.75″ W x 11″ D x 5.25″ H
  • (1) Drawer with Appliance Inserts: 4 holes 2.5” in diameter, 4 holes 2” in diameter
  • Each Nail Dryer Cubbyhole: 9″ W x 14.5″ D x 6″ H
  • Small Drawer (Under Counter): 6.25” W x 7.25” D x 2.75” H
  • Small Cubby (Under Counter):10.5” W x 14” D x 4.5” H
  • Padded armrest: 17.5” W x 4” D, 1” Thickness
  • Elevate Your Nail Care Services to the Next Level
  • Designed for Nail Professionals Who Demand Excellence
  • Transform Every Manicure into an Exceptional Beauty Ritual

The Diamond White Manicure Table isn’t just a piece of furniture—it’s an embodiment of your commitment to providing top-tier nail care experiences. Elevate your salon’s aesthetics and functionality with a manicure table that seamlessly merges style and practicality. Elevate the art of nail care with the Diamond White Manicure Table and redefine the way you pamper your clients.


DIAMOND WHITE MANICURE TABLEA “Diamond White Manicure Table” typically refers to a specialized piece of furniture designed for manicures and nail care services in beauty salons or spa settings. These manicure tables are designed to provide a comfortable and functional workspace for nail technicians while offering a stylish and aesthetically pleasing appearance. “Diamond White” may refer to the color or finish of the table.

Here are some common features and components you might find in a Diamond White Manicure Table:

1. **Workspace:** The table typically has a spacious, flat, and well-lit workspace where the nail technician can perform manicures. It often includes a padded armrest for client comfort.

2. **Storage:** Manicure tables usually come with storage drawers or cabinets to organize and store nail care products, tools, and equipment neatly.

3. **Built-in Ventilation:** Some modern manicure tables include built-in ventilation systems to capture and filter fumes and dust from nail products, promoting a healthier work environment.

4. **Lighting:** Adequate lighting is essential for precision during manicures. Many manicure tables have built-in LED lights or space for attaching task lighting.

5. **Power Outlets:** Some manicure tables feature built-in power outlets or USB ports for connecting electronic devices or nail equipment like UV lamps.

6. **Built-in Sink:** High-end manicure tables may include a small built-in sink or plumbing for water-related nail treatments.

7. **Adjustable Height:** Some tables have adjustable height settings to accommodate both the technician and client comfortably.

8. **Decorative Design:** Diamond White tables often have a sleek and elegant design with clean lines and a glossy or matte finish. They may incorporate diamond-shaped or crystal accents for added aesthetic appeal.

9. **Easy-to-Clean Surfaces:** Manicure tables are typically designed with surfaces that are easy to clean and disinfect to maintain hygiene standards.

10. **Wheeled Base:** Many manicure tables come with wheels or casters for mobility and flexibility in salon layouts.

When purchasing a Diamond White Manicure Table or any manicure furniture, it’s essential to consider factors such as the salon’s space, budget, and specific requirements. Different manufacturers and brands may offer various designs and features, so it’s advisable to compare options and choose one that best suits your salon’s needs and aesthetics.

paddie manicure table

The placement of a manicure table in a beauty salon or nail studio is essential to create a comfortable and functional workspace for both the nail technician and the client. Here are some guidelines on where to place a manicure table:

1. **Adequate Lighting:** Ensure that the manicure table is positioned in an area with ample natural light or artificial lighting. Proper lighting is crucial for performing detailed nail work.

2. **Accessibility:** Place the table in an easily accessible location within the salon. Clients should be able to approach the table comfortably without any obstructions.

3. **Workspace Flow:** Arrange the manicure table to create a smooth workflow for the nail technician. Essential tools and supplies should be within easy reach.

4. **Client Comfort:** Position the client’s chair in a way that allows them to sit comfortably at the table while their nails are being done. Ensure that the client has a clear view of their nails during the process.

5. **Ventilation:** If your salon uses nail products that produce fumes or odors, consider placing the manicure table near a ventilation system or window to help dissipate any fumes and maintain air quality.

6. **Privacy:** Create a semi-private or designated area for nail services if possible. This can enhance the client’s experience and allow for a more relaxed atmosphere.

7. **Storage:** Ensure that the manicure table has convenient storage space for nail polish, tools, and other supplies. This helps keep the workspace organized and clutter-free.

8. **Electrical Outlets:** If the nail technician uses electronic equipment such as UV lamps or electric nail files, make sure there are nearby electrical outlets for these devices.

9. **Safety:** Avoid placing the manicure table in high-traffic areas to reduce the risk of accidents or disruptions. Ensure that cords and cables are safely routed to prevent tripping hazards.

10. **Design and Aesthetics:** Consider the overall salon design and aesthetics when placing the manicure table. It should fit seamlessly into the salon’s style and ambiance.

11. **Comfortable Flooring:** Use ergonomic mats or rugs under and around the manicure table to provide comfort for both the nail technician and the client during extended sessions.

12. **Accessibility for People with Disabilities:** If your salon is ADA-compliant or serves clients with disabilities, ensure that there is accessible space around the manicure table for wheelchair users.

Ultimately, the placement of the manicure table should promote a pleasant and efficient experience for both the nail technician and the client. Keep in mind that salon layouts can vary, so adapt these guidelines to suit your specific salon space and design. Regularly assess the placement and organization of the manicure area to ensure that it remains functional and comfortable for everyone involved.

manicure table ikea

IKEA, a well-known furniture retailer, offers various tables and furniture items that can be adapted for use as manicure tables in a salon or home nail care setup. While IKEA may not have specific “manicure tables,” you can find suitable tables or desks with features that work well for nail care tasks.

Here are some IKEA products that people have used as manicure tables or nail stations:

1. **IKEA LINNMON Tabletop:** The LINNMON tabletop is a versatile and affordable option. Pair it with suitable legs or table bases to create a customizable nail station. You can choose different sizes and finishes to fit your space.

2. **IKEA ALEX Drawer Units:** The ALEX series includes drawer units that can serve as storage for nail polish, tools, and supplies. You can place a LINNMON tabletop on top of two ALEX drawer units to create a functional manicure table with built-in storage.

3. **IKEA MICKE Desk:** The MICKE desk has a clean and simple design, making it suitable for a nail station. It includes drawers for storage and a spacious tabletop. You can choose from different colors and finishes.

4. **IKEA MALM Dressing Table:** While primarily designed as a dressing table, the MALM can also work as a manicure table. It features a large mirror and a drawer for storage. Its sleek design adds a touch of elegance to the space.

5. **IKEA LACK Coffee Table:** The LACK coffee table is a budget-friendly option with a simple design. You can use it as a small manicure table or as a surface to display nail products.

6. **IKEA RÅSKOG Utility Cart:** The RÅSKOG utility cart is a versatile storage solution. While not a table, it can be used to store nail care items and be moved around as needed.

When setting up an IKEA table as a manicure station, consider adding a comfortable chair or stool, task lighting for better visibility, and organizers for nail polish bottles and tools. Additionally, ensure that the height of the table and chair is ergonomic for the nail technician.

travel manicure table

travel manicure tableA travel manicure table is a portable and compact table designed for nail technicians or individuals who offer mobile nail services or need a convenient setup for nail care while on the go. These tables are lightweight, foldable, and easy to transport, making them ideal for mobile nail professionals, home-based nail technicians, or anyone who needs a temporary nail station. Here are some features and considerations for a travel manicure table:

**1. Portability:** The primary feature of a travel manicure table is its portability. It should be easy to fold and carry, often coming with a carrying case or handle for transportation.

**2. Lightweight:** Travel manicure tables are typically made of lightweight materials such as aluminum or plastic to ensure easy handling during travel.

**3. Foldable Design:** Look for a table with a foldable design that allows it to be set up and taken down quickly and easily. Some tables have a simple folding mechanism, while others may require more assembly.

**4. Sturdiness:** While being lightweight and portable, a travel manicure table should also be sturdy and stable when set up for work. Ensure that it has strong legs or supports.

**5. Work Surface:** The work surface of the table should be spacious enough for performing manicures comfortably. It may have compartments or slots for holding nail polish bottles, tools, and accessories.

**6. Height Adjustable:** Some travel manicure tables have adjustable legs or settings to accommodate different chair heights or user preferences.

**7. Storage:** Consider whether the table includes storage options, such as drawers or pockets, for organizing nail supplies and tools.

**8. Easy to Clean:** Opt for a table with a surface that is easy to clean and disinfect to maintain hygiene standards.

**9. Durability:** Look for a table that is durable and can withstand regular use, including transporting it to different locations.

**10. Design and Appearance:** While functionality is crucial, consider the design and appearance of the table to ensure it complements your professional setup or personal preferences.

**11. Brand and Reviews:** Research different brands and read customer reviews to find a travel manicure table that suits your needs and has a good reputation for quality and durability.

When shopping for a travel manicure table, consider your specific requirements, including the types of nail services you provide, the amount of storage space needed, and the available budget. Portable manicure tables come in various styles and price ranges, so you can find one that meets your needs while being convenient for travel and setup.

collapsible manicure table

A collapsible manicure table is a versatile and space-saving piece of furniture designed for nail technicians and beauty professionals. These tables are foldable or collapsible, allowing them to be easily set up and stored away when not in use. Collapsible manicure tables are especially popular for mobile nail technicians who need a portable and compact workstation. Here are some key features and considerations when choosing a collapsible manicure table:

**1. Folding Mechanism:** Look for a table with a simple and efficient folding mechanism. Typically, the legs fold inward, and the table may have a locking mechanism to keep it securely in place when in use.

**2. Portability:** Consider the weight of the table and whether it comes with a carrying case or handle for easy transport. Lightweight tables are ideal for mobile nail technicians.

**3. Sturdiness:** Ensure that the table is stable and can support the weight of nail products and tools without wobbling or tipping over. Stable legs and a strong frame are essential.

**4. Work Surface:** The table should have a spacious work surface with enough room for manicure tasks. It may include compartments or slots for organizing nail polish bottles, tools, and accessories.

**5. Height Adjustable:** Some collapsible manicure tables offer height-adjustable legs, allowing you to customize the table’s height to your comfort or the client’s needs.

**6. Durability:** Choose a table made of durable materials, such as aluminum or steel, to withstand regular use and folding. The tabletop should be easy to clean and disinfect.

**7. Storage:** Consider whether the table includes storage options like drawers or pockets for keeping nail supplies and tools organized.

**8. Design and Appearance:** While functionality is crucial, aesthetics matter as well. Look for a table with a design that complements your salon’s decor or your personal style.

**9. Brand and Reviews:** Research different brands and read customer reviews to find a collapsible manicure table that is known for quality and durability.

**10. Assembly:** Check whether the table requires any assembly or if it comes fully assembled and ready to use.

**11. Budget:** Set a budget for your collapsible manicure table and choose one that offers the features you need within your price range.

Collapsible manicure tables come in various styles, sizes, and price ranges, so you can find one that suits your specific needs. Whether you’re a mobile nail technician, a salon owner looking for flexible workstation options, or an individual setting up a home nail care space, a collapsible manicure table can provide the convenience of a portable and space-efficient workstation.

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