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  • Introducing the ADAM’S BARBER CHAIR: Where Style Meets Comfort. A new ruling power is here to amplify your barbershop, the Adams Barber Chair! A true Keller leader, a presidential piece of barber equipment is an exceptional foundation for any barbershop layout.

  • Introducing the ANASTASIA BARBER CHAIR: Where Luxury Meets Grooming Excellence. Encompassing both beauty and brawn, the Anastasia Barber Chair is the new highlight of your barbershop, salon, or any beauty business. Take your aesthetic to the next level with a barbershop chair in elegant pink and blue, a design that will create a memorable experience with your clients.

  • £3,300.00

    Introducing the BLACKED-OUT COBALT OMEGA BARBER CHAIR: Where Sleek Design Meets Unparalleled Comfort. Collins Manufacturing has taken its popular Cobalt Barber Chair to a whole nother level! By popular demand, James Barber Shop is now offering a BLACKED-OUT version of Collins bestselling barber chair.

  • £1,200.00

    The BLACKOUT BARBER CHAIR: Where Elegance Meets Comfort. The Blackout Barber Chair is the optimal choice for sleek, midnight styled equipment in your barbershop or salon.

  • £1,000.00

    Introducing the BARREL BARBER CHAIR: Where Classic Design Meets Modern Comfort. The extra-wide Barrel Barber Chair is one of our most popular styles for years of heavy-duty use. Bring back those traditional 1940s barbershop values today!

  • £2,100.00

    Introducing the EVANDER ELECTRIC BARBER CHAIR: Elevate Grooming to Unprecedented Levels of Luxury. The Evander Electric Barber Chair by James Barber Shop is ideal for any business that needs superior comfort for both the user and the client. Comes with touch-button remotes on both sides of the chair that raise, lower, and recline the chair smoothly and automatically, perfect for barbershops, dental offices, and more.

  • Introducing the PHOENIX BARBER CHAIR: Elevate Your Grooming Space with Elegance. Transform your styles and cuts with the Phoenix Barber Chair, exclusively sold by James Barber Shop! This unique gold barber chair is the ultimate symbol of strength and renewal. Start your barbershop on a successful path with the Phoenix Gold Barber Chair today!

  • £1,000.00

    Introducing the MASTER BARBER CHAIR: Where Craftsmanship Meets Comfort in Grooming Excellence. Show off your immeasurable barbering skills and create ultimate proficiency within your shop with the Master Barber Chair! Dominant your craft with this highly demanded best seller exclusively sold at James Barber Shop for 20+ years!

  • £1,300.00

    Introducing the XAVIER BARBER CHAIR: Elevate Your Grooming Space with Unmatched Comfort. The Xavier Barber Chair is both durable and stylish, manufactured with usability and durability in mind. Whether you own a barbershop or salon, this chair will fit a variety of environments and be the perfect upgrade for your business.

  • Introducing the DYNASTY BARBER CHAIR: Where Comfort Meets Timeless Elegance. The ultimate barbershop ruler is here to help you establish the business of your dreams! Our Dynasty Barber Chair is one of classic descent, a traditional design made with the utmost durable materials.

  • £800.00

    Introducing the ECONOMIC BARBER CHAIR: Where Affordability Meets Quality and Comfort. The Economic Barber Chair is worth every penny with its economical steel frame, standing as one of our best sellers for many years now. Reliable, efficient, and durable are just a few of the characteristics this barber chair has to offer.

  • Introducing the EMERSON BARBER CHAIR: Elevate Your Grooming Experience with Style. The Emerson Barber Chair will build an environment of individuality in your barbershop, salon, or any beauty business. For a classically inspired look with a modern twist, furnish your business with this professional reclining barbershop chair.

  • £1,500.00

    Introducing the KNOCKOUT ROSE GOLD BARBER CHAIR: Where Elegance Meets Grooming Excellence. The Knockout Rose Gold Barber Chair creates a next-level atmosphere of professionalism and elegance that will “wow” your clients. Offer a wide range of barbering services at your barbershop with equipment that your customers will never forget.

  • Introducing the MAVERICK BARBER CHAIR: Elevate Your Grooming Space with Excellence. Our Maverick Barber Chair is the ultimate wingman for your barbershop. This chair does not disappoint, it goes over and above to deliver tough, durable and consistent service to your stylists. Take your shop layout to a new level with this new Keller Barber Chair!

  • Introducing the ROYALTY BARBER CHAIR: Where Luxury Meets Grooming Excellence. Make every client feel like a king with the Royalty Barber Chair. Outperform every traditional men’s grooming service with dependable barbershop furniture by James Barber Shop! Equipped with all the necessary characteristics, your customers will surely feel like royalty after each hair cut.

  • £2,400.00

    Introducing the REYNOLDS ELECTRIC BARBER CHAIR: Elevate Grooming to New Heights of Luxury. Sold exclusively with James Barber Shop, the Reynolds Electric Barber Chair! Providing all the classic details needed to complete the perfect fade or trim, this new era barber chair model tops all the rest.