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  • Elevate Your Salon Experience with the AMARÉ SHAMPOO BOWL & CHAIR. The sweeping curves of this shampoo unit evokes a modern yet timeless style. Our Amaré shampoo unit has a contoured seat and back, with sleek kick out footrest to give your clients the most relaxing experience. The design of this chair easily pairs with any of our barber or salon chairs.

  • £400.00

    Introducing the ARISTO ALL PURPOSE CHAIR: Where Style Meets Functionality for Exceptional Grooming. Let your next client rest comfortably in this Aristo Reclining All-Purpose Salon Chair, while you work your trimming magic! A beauty industry favorite, versatile for tattoo shops, barbershops, beauty salons, waxing, piercings, threading or brow services!

  • £300.00

    Elevate Salon Efficiency and Comfort with the Athena Dryer Chair. The Athena Dryer Chair by James Barber Shop is a chic and durable unit to assist you with any salon service. This hair dryer chair will bring a gold aesthetic to your shop while fashionably helping you process your color and chemical services. A great piece of modern salon furniture to add to your barbershop or hair salon!

  • Introducing the Athena Salon Chair: A Perfect Blend of Style and Comfort. Our newest salon chair will be the star of your hair salon with its stunning gold accents and supreme comfort. This unique styling chair features custom base and footrest options to fit your aesthetic and style. Create an elegant atmosphere in your shop that clients won’t forget with the Athena Salon Chair by James Barber Shop!

  • £2,300.00

    Elevate Salon Excellence with the Ava Salon Color Bar & Wash Sink. The Ava Salon Color Bar & Wash Sink is a stylish and functional color bar station for your beauty business. Mix color for your clients in style with this new Salon Color Bar & Wash Sink by James Barber Shop!

  • £450.00

    Experience Timeless Comfort and Durability with EVERLAST ALL PURPOSE CHAIR. Everlast All Purpose Chair has been an industry favorite for nearly 15 years. This reclining salon chair is versatile for all industry professionals to help expand their services.

  • Elevate Your Salon Efficiency with the Broadway Economic Styling Station. Create a modern space-saving layout in your salon or barbershop with the new Broadway Economic Styling Station by James Barber Shop. This simplistic salon station is excellent for smaller spaces and features gold accent handles and appliance holders. Pair this station with an LED mirror for a stunning look!

  • Elevate Your Salon’s Organization with the Broadway Salon Cart. The Broadway Salon Cart by James Barber Shop is a show-stopping portable styling station that is here to keep you organized in style! This gold accent salon station on wheels is perfect for hair salons and barbershops.

  • Elevate Your Salon Experience with the Broadway Salon Station. As elegant as a theatric performance, the Broadway Salon Station is a show-stopping styling station that is perfect for hair salons, barbershops, or any business that needs a touch of sophistication. Pair it with an LED mirror to create a next-level aesthetic and workspace.

  • £400.00

    Elevate Your Grooming Experience with ATLANTA ALL PURPOSE CHAIR – Where Comfort Meets Style. Versatility and efficient, the Atlanta Reclining Salon Chair is perfect for all beauty industry professionals! Traditional style manufactured for cuts, styles, waxing, threading, a classic barber shave & even lash extensions!

  • Experience Luxurious Hair Washing with the CAITLYN SHAMPOO BOWL AND CHAIR. Set up a sleek & efficient wash station for your salon or barbershop today with the Caitlyn Shampoo Bowl and Chair. Manufactured to provide ultimate comfort with a dual recline design; both naturally and manually. Now offering both black and white tilting washbowls options to complete your desired salon layout.

  • £300.00

    Efficiency and Style Unite: Introducing the Craftsman carter miller salon. Introducing the new and improved 2nd generation portable styling station to the luxury hardwood collection, the Craftsman Salon Cart! This rustic, handcrafted station on wheels is ideal for both beauty salons and barbershops.

  • £250.00

    Discover the Ultimate Convenience with the Claire Lockable Salon Trolley Cart. Declare independence from immobile, heavy and poorly designed salon rolling carts: featuring the Claire Lockable Salon Trolley Rolling Cart, a James Barber Shop unit that has easy portability and superb storage capabilities combined!

  • Unveiling the Ultimate Salon Upgrade: Denver Shampoo Bowl and Chair. Spruce up your shampoo area today with this sleek modern addition, the Denver Shampoo Bowl and Chair! This unit is built to last and will easily accommodate a variety of clients for a truly comfortable shampoo!

  • £400.00

    Experience Opulence and Functionality with the DIAMOND LED MIRROR. Create a stunning aesthetic in your shop with the new Diamond LED Mirror. This brilliant mirror glistens and stands out from the crowd with beautiful diamond details and a soft backlit LED design.

  • £450.00

    Enhance Your Grooming Space with the DREAM CIRCLE LED MIRROR. Dazzle your clients with the Dream Circle LED Mirror, a brilliant addition to your salon, barbershop, or home vanity. Surrounded by shimmering crystals, this wall-mounted mirror will create a lasting, illuminated impression.