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Best Madison 1960s barber chair


The Madison 1960s barber chair  is a premium quality salon chair with a classic design that adds a touch of elegance to any barber shop. Its comfortable and durable build ensures a comfortable experience for both barbers and clients.

1960s barber chairThe Madison 1960s barber chair is a premium salon equipment piece, perfect for any barber shop that values style, comfort, and functionality. The chair is designed with a durable metal frame that can withstand constant use.

Additionally, its oversized cushioned seat and ergonomic design provide incredible comfort to both barbers and clients. The Madison Barber Chair is a long-lasting investment that adds a touch of elegance to your barber shop.


Features & Specifications of 1960s barber chair

  • Heavy duty pump & plate supports up to 660 lbs
  • Extremely comfortable and versatile, Reclines up to 45 degrees
  • Stylish design, Classic Vintage Look
  • Black polished upholstery
  • Incorporates Durable Steel
  • Seat Height (top face to ground) : 21″ – 26″
  • Seat Width (arm-arm): 21″ (inside), 28″ (outside), 21.5 (depth)
  • Seat Back height (no Pillow) : 17.5″
  • Backrest inclined angle : 95-135 degree
  • Packaging Size : 32.75″ x 31.50″ x 32.25″
  • Weight : 160 lbs

why Madison 1960s barber chair

A 1960s barber chair from the 1960s refers to a type of barber chair that was manufactured and used during the 1960s, a period known for its distinctive design trends and cultural influences.

Barber chairs from this era might display a blend of mid-century modern aesthetics along with traditional barbering functionality. Here are some features and characteristics you might associate with a barber chair from the 1960s:

1. **Mid-Century Modern Design:** The 1960s marked the height of the mid-century modern design movement, characterized by clean lines, simple forms, and a focus on functionality. Barber chairs from this period may feature sleek, minimalist designs that emphasize both style and practicality.

2. **Materials:** Barber chairs from the 1960s could be crafted from a combination of materials, including chrome, steel, vinyl, and leather. These materials were often chosen for their durability and easy maintenance.

3. **Upholstery:** Upholstery in the 1960s often featured bold colors and patterns. Vinyl upholstery, sometimes with a textured finish, was commonly used, providing a stylish and easy-to-clean surface.

4. **Swivel and Hydraulic Features:** Just like modern barber chairs, chairs from the 1960s typically included swivel and hydraulic mechanisms, allowing for easy adjustment of the chair’s height and position.

5. **Comfort and Ergonomics:** Barber chairs from this era aimed to provide both barbers and clients with comfortable and ergonomic seating. Padded seats and backrests, as well as adjustable headrests, were common features.

6. **Footrests:** A footrest would often be included to enhance the client’s comfort during grooming sessions.

7. **Unique Styling:** 1960s barber chair from the 1960s might incorporate unique design elements, such as curved armrests, chrome accents, and distinctive shapes that reflect the design trends of the time.

8. **Durability:** Like earlier decades, barber chairs from the 1960s were built to withstand the demands of a barbershop environment, making them durable and long-lasting.

If you’re interested in finding or learning more about a specific 1960s barber chair from the 1960s, you might explore antique shops, vintage furniture stores, online marketplaces, and auction websites that specialize in retro and vintage items.

Keep in mind that authentic chairs from this era may vary in terms of condition, rarity, and price, so it’s advisable to research and potentially seek the expertise of collectors or professionals in the field.

If you’re considering becoming a barber or are interested in learning more about the profession, it’s important to research the specific requirements and regulations in your region.

The barber profession can be a rewarding career for those who have a passion for hair grooming, enjoy working with people, and want to contribute to a sense of community and style.


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