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Buy Good Belvedere 1 Reclining all Purpose Chair


The Belvedere Lioness Reclining All Purpose Chair is a versatile salon chair designed with both the stylist and client in mind. This chair offers a comfortable and durable seating option for a variety of salon services, such as styling, cutting, and coloring. The Lioness chair is fully-reclinable and provides optimal positioning flexibility for clients, making it easy to customize their experience and improve the service quality.

Additionally, the chair is designed with a sturdy base that provides safety and stability for both the stylist and client. With its stylish design and high-quality build, the Belvedere Lioness Reclining All-Purpose Chair is a reliable and practical addition to any salon or barbershop.

Features of all Purpose Chair

  • Italian-made chair top for unmatched quality
  • Versatile design suitable for cutting, shampooing, waxing, and more
  • Sophisticated all-purpose chair with a modern look
  • High backrest and thick seat cushion for maximum client comfort
  • Adjustable headrest for added convenience
  • Polished chrome arms and “T” footrest for style and functionality
  • 5-year warranty on the hydraulic pump for peace of mind
  • Available in over 80 vibrant vinyl colors to match any salon decor

Specifications of all Purpose Chair

  • Seat Back Height: 17″
  • Seat Width Inside Arms: 19.5″
  • Seat Width Outside Arms: 23.5″
  • Travel Range: 22″ – 29.5″

Warranty for the all Purpose Chair

  • 5 Year Warranty on Hydraulic Pump
  • 1 Year Warranty on All Other Parts

all purpose chair


An “all-purpose barber chair” is a versatile piece of furniture designed for use in barbershops and hair salons. It’s designed to accommodate a variety of tasks that barbers and hairstylists perform, providing comfort for clients and convenience for the professionals. Here are some features and aspects associated with an all-purpose barber chair:

1. **Reclining Mechanism:** All-purpose barber chairs typically have a reclining mechanism that allows clients to lean back comfortably during services like haircuts, shampooing, and other treatments.

2. **Hydraulic Lift:** These chairs often feature a hydraulic lift mechanism that enables the chair to be adjusted in height. This feature allows barbers and stylists to position the client at the optimal height for their work.

3. **Swivel Base:** A swivel base allows the chair to rotate, making it easier for the barber or stylist to access different angles while working on the client’s hair.

4. **Headrest:** Many all-purpose barber chairs come with a headrest that provides support and comfort to the client’s head during services like hair washing or other treatments.

5. **Footrest:** Some chairs have a built-in footrest to enhance the client’s comfort while reclining.

6. **Durable Upholstery:** These chairs are often upholstered with durable and easy-to-clean materials, such as leather or vinyl, to withstand the demands of a busy barbershop.

7. **Multi-Functional Design:** The term “all-purpose” suggests that the chair is designed for various tasks, including haircuts, shaves, styling, and other salon services.

8. **Stylish Aesthetics:** Barber chairs are often designed with a classic and stylish appearance that complements the overall aesthetic of a barbershop or salon.

9. **Built-In Features:** Depending on the model, some all-purpose barber chairs may include additional features like built-in sinks for shampooing or even electrical outlets for hair styling tools.

These chairs are essential tools for barbers and hairstylists, providing them with the flexibility and functionality needed to perform a wide range of services.

They contribute to the overall client experience by offering comfort and convenience during their visit to the barbershop or salon.

Shampoo units are essential tools in a salon or barbershop, as they provide a dedicated space for hair washing that is separate from the styling area. They help to create a relaxing and enjoyable experience for clients, as well as facilitate the work of the hairstylists or barbers.

The design and features of shampoo units can vary, ranging from simple and functional to more luxurious and high-tech options.


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